“It’s okay to feel nauseous…”

Six feet!!! Had a blast with my M/W/F crew! What started out as one of my neighbors popping into my garage in the mornings became another, then another, then another... It had been tough to stay motivated before these workouts started. Having no routine with the stay-at-home order has had various effects on all of … Continue reading “It’s okay to feel nauseous…”


I feel the need to post this today. Credit: Vanessa Bryant, Instagram https://abc7.com/vanessa-bryant-breaks-silence-about-kobe-gianna-our-love-for-them-is-endless/5889757/ Losing my youngest brother, Matthew, when he was 21 was devastating. I still want to wrap my arms around him, and I miss his voice so much. That was in August 2006. I cannot imagine losing a husband of nearly 20 years … Continue reading Loss